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 The Burning Road - A Movie on Road Safety 

Majority of the road users are neglecting & ignoring road safety and becoming road safety villains. Some of these road safety villains are hugely inspired by the illogical action sequences of Bollywood. Road users in our country especially the younger generation, are inspired by Bollywood films and their favourite actors. Fans tend to follow each and everything their favourite celebrity do on screen, sometime forgetting the difference between real and reel world.


Few of the actions & stunts made on roads by the reel world, are causative of producing road safety dreaded villains and that has given increase to road crash deaths & injuries which is causing tremendous loss to families of the crash victims and also loss to nation.


The only question we want to ask from the road safety villains from the Bollywood celebrities and the makers of all those films (wherein they shown the scene of road safety villains),  in true Akshay Kumar style, is ‘Baap Ka Road Hai Kya?’


Mother India Care is going to produce a film on road safety "THE BURNING ROAD" which is featured  on the biography of a girl who had escaped from the abortion before landing in this world, and thereafter she also had just survived from a serious road crash in this world. She is a social activist and passionate for road safety.


The Burning Road is a multicasts movie and the initial process. The movie will be creating public awareness in a strengthened bid to reach out to the masses on road safety and also to attain a noble goal of Zero death & no serious injury in road crash in India (Road Safety is Life Safery - A national & dream project of Mother India Care). The road crash deathrate per 100,000 of 18.9 and over 1.3 lakh deaths every year which is increasing. This need immediate action as this is a very serious issue.


The movie will also provide opportunity to all those bollywood celebrities and super stars to convey messages to their fans not to repeat or follow their actions and stunts made on roads and better refrain becoming road safety villains.


We want that all road users should become road safety heros, not road safety villains.



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